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to Preferred Life Care Management

Life Care Management services can greatly improve health outcomes, alleviate stress and increase function. Support and guidance at the right time is an essential component in navigating health care systems and the aging process.


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Our Goal

To provide compassionate guidance to those navigating the complexities of aging while offering support and peace of mind as they face new challenges and make critical life decisions.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of our clients by consistently advocating that they receive the care and support needed to live independently and with dignity, and that our families feel supported regardless of their location.


What Is Life Care Management?


  • Medical, Financial and Legal Advocacy
  • Dignity & Personal Rights Protection
  • Quality Assurance


  • Liaison to Family & Loved Ones
  • Companionship to Appointments
  • Insurance & Health Benefits Review
  • Bill Pay & Money Management


  • Case Management

  • Crisis Intervention

  • In-Home Services

  • Aging in Place

  • Home Safety Modifications

  • Senior Living Placement

  • Pet Care & Services

Our Services

Home Care Coordination

Medical Care Advocacy

Money Management

Legal Advocacy

Placement Support

How It Works

After a comprehensive assessment, your Life Care Manager develops a personalized plan of care that addresses medical, financial, and personal needs while providing ongoing support and advocacy to ensure that these needs are met over time.

This may include:

  • Arranging for in-home care
  • Monitoring Home-Safety

  • Coordinating with healthcare providers
  • Advocating for appropriate medical treatment
  • Assisting with financial planning and budgeting
  • Helping with decisions related to living arrangements and community resources
  • Ongoing communication with loved-ones and medical providers regarding changes in condition

Overall, the goal is to help older adults and their families navigate the complexities of aging, and to provide support and peace of mind as they face new challenges and make important decisions.

Life Care Management is critical as older adults often have complex health and social needs that can be difficult to manage.

A Life Care Manager consistently advocates that their clients receive the care and support they need to live independently and with dignity, and that their families are equipped to provide the best possible care regardless of their location.

Why call on
a Life Care Manager?

When faced with a sudden change in health or life circumstances or when caregiving for an aging family member becomes overwhelming, it may be time to contact a Life Care Manager.

Health & Legal Advocacy

Medical Care Oversight

Care Planning