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and Benefits

Life Care Management services can greatly improve health outcomes, alleviate stress and increase function. Support and guidance at the right time is an essential component in navigating health care systems and the aging process.


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How Do You Know When You Need
an Aging Life Care Professional ?

For Families

When caregiving for an aging family member becomes overwhelming, it may be time to contact a Life Care Manager.

You may need a Life Care Manager if the person you are caring for:

  • has multiple medical or psychological issues
  • is unable to live safely in their current environment
  • is not pleased with current care providers and requires advocacy
  • is confused about their own financial and/or legal situation
  • has limited or no family support

For Individuals

If your family:

  • has just become involved with helping the individual and needs direction about available services
  • is either “burned out” or confused about care solutions
  • has limited time and/or expertise in dealing with the individual’s chronic care needs and does not live close by
  • is at odds regarding care decisions
  • needs education and/or direction in dealing with behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia


A Family Centered Approach

A Life Care Manager can provide numerous benefits for a family supporting a loved one who is facing a sudden change, particularly when dealing with complex medical conditions or long-term care needs.

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Advantages of Care Management for Families

Holistic Approach: We take a comprehensive approach to address the physical, emotional, and social needs of each family member. It considers the unique circumstances and preferences of the family and develops a tailored care plan to meet those needs.

Coordination of Services: We act as a central point of contact, coordinating and organizing various healthcare and support services for the family. This ensures that different providers, such as doctors, therapists, and specialists, are communicating and working together effectively.

Access to Resources: We have extensive knowledge of local resources and support services available to families and can help connect them with appropriate community resources, financial assistance programs, respite care, support groups, and other valuable services.

Advocacy and Support: We advocate for the family’s best interests and support their decision-making process while providing guidance, answers to difficult questions, and serving as a source of emotional support during challenging times.

Care Planning and Monitoring: We develop and regularly review our comprehensive care plan for each family member, ensuring that the plan is aligned with the family’s goals and preferences, while also monitoring progress and making adjustments as needed.

Improved Communication: We facilitate effective communication among family members, healthcare providers, and other relevant parties. Ongoing communication ensures that everyone is on the same page, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing collaboration.

Cost Optimization: We help families navigate complex healthcare systems and find cost-effective solutions. With our knowledge base, we can identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary healthcare expenses, explore insurance coverage options, and assist with financial planning related to care needs.

Time and Stress Management: By taking on administrative tasks, coordinating appointments, and managing logistics, we help alleviate the burden on family members. This allows the family to focus more on spending quality time together and reduces stress associated with care responsibilities.

Enhanced Safety and Quality of Care: While monitoring the safety and quality of care being provided to family members, we identify potential risks, recommend preventive measures, and ensure that appropriate interventions are in place to maintain optimal health and well-being.

Long-Term Planning: We are able to assist with long-term care planning, including end-of-life care preferences, advanced care directives, and establishing power of attorney. This helps families prepare for future scenarios and make informed decisions.


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Our goal is to provide families with a comprehensive, coordinated, and person-centered approach to healthcare and support services. This approach enhances the overall well-being of family members, promotes better health outcomes, and helps families navigate the complexities of the healthcare system more effectively. Our guidance leads families to solutions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for their loved ones, thus reducing worry, stress, and time off of work.